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24 O'Connor Drive is ours! The home inspection went well, nothing too onerous, so we're just signing to stop having to think about it. Smart, I know. :)
many pictures with witty captions )
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Surprise! We ended up liking this one best. Lots of potential, and we can take the condo fees we won't be paying and use them to work on renovations! We'll be "house poor" for a little while I think.

24 O'Connor Drive, Toronto (MLS Listing (scroll down), TTC+GoogleMap)

House inspection tomorrow, many pictures to come then (as long as it's good).
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12 Egan Avenue(scroll down) (Google Map, Google TTC Map) (Vinny and I work where yellow and green cross)

1001 Roselawn Avenue(scroll down) Google Map, Google TTC Map) (go southeast to find our work at Yonge & Bloor)

Possibly another one or two if we see something good today. This one is on our viewing list, and is closer to the subway.

Time to get dressed and go look some more!
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...also, the lack thereof.

Exceptional Unite With Large Terrace, Very Private & Located Close To Everything. Granite Counter Top In Kitchen, Nine Foot Ceilings Shows Well Stainless Steel Fridege, Stove, Dishwasher And Over Range Microwave, White Washer And Dryer Patio Includes Gas Bar-B-Que**** EXTRAS **** Stainless Steel Frideg, Stove, Dishwasher And Oever The Range Microwave, White Washer And Dryer, Bar-B-Que Windo Coverings, Heating System On Rental @ $60.00 Per Month. Laminate Floors In Living Room And Dining Room Parking Included

I don't understand how the car fits in the dining room, but whatever.
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* where "fun" is defined as "helpful to us" and "game" is defined as "work-like activity for which you are not being paid".

  1. Control-Click here. (this will get you a new tab if you're using IE7 or Firefox)

  2. Either click a neighbourhood or use the checkboxes to pick beighbourhoods (we will both be working at the intersection of C1/C2/C8/C9)

  3. Find us something awesome matching these needs:
    • Two bedrooms, or 1+den
    • Not drug-eriffic or hooker-tastic
    • Under $300,000
    • Along the subway (check out awesomeness here)
    • Over 800 square feet (the cats need room to play!)


Jan. 31st, 2007 03:14 pm
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(dear god now we have to find a place in Toronto basically within the next two weeks holy crap)


Jan. 30th, 2007 11:48 am
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(no details yet)
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There's a couple that has viewed our condo twice, and is now asking for copies of our electricity bills to see if it's really as cheap as we say it is. Cross your various extremities!
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Do you know anyone looking at property in Kitchener-Waterloo? Our condo in downtown Kitchener is for sale:


(You have to see the place in person - the pictures just don't do it justice! Also, the inside pictures only display in Internet Explorer, not Firefox)

It's a 2-bedroom 2-bathroom 1374 sq ft condo with huge windows wrapping around two sides. Southwest exposure, tons of sunlight, and lots of space to live in.

Just minutes on foot away from Kitchener hot nightspots, all of the major banks, ManuLife on Water Street, the Kitchener Market, great sushi restaurants, a drugstore, a post office, an Asian grocery, and the GoodLife gym at Market Square. A doctor's office and the city and Greyhound buses are all just across the street!

Condo includes secure and convenient underground parking, a large storage locker, a completely renovated kitchen from ceiling to tiles, and five excellent appliances ranging from 1-3 years old. All rooms have been painted in last two years, and all carpets have been steam-cleaned. All light fixtures, outlets and switches replaced in last two years (except in one room).

Building is in great shape, is well-maintained, has a stable condo board, and a very strong reserve fund for upgrades and repairs. Quiet neighbours and a good mix of ages in the building. We're only leaving to move to Toronto -- the building is great!

Open House Sunday 2-4pm

Learn more: contact Ken Bisson at Century21 anytime: ken@century21a.ca

Please feel free to forward this notice to anyone you think might be interested.
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For those of you who responded to my recent survey, you may be interested in the results. A realtor visited last night and we discusses the carpet, blinds, and various other odds 'n sods.

How to cover up the missing tiles? Put a cabinet there.

How to cover the gap between carpet and tile? Put a transition piece there.

Do we need new carpet ($3500) ? Nope, it's in OK shape, especially since a buyer might tear it out instantly anyway. The kitchen and bathroom are the things that deserve the attention.

Best news of the evening: the place on the 11th floor that sold went for 27.6% more than we paid for our place. Woohoo!

I had a new survey question in mind last night, but after tossing and turning and getting only 4 hours of sleep -- retiling and grouting the same damn spot in my dreams over and over -- the question has fled my mind. Oh well.
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[Poll #850991]

Edit: I should note that identical tiles are not realistic, since I've checked Home Depot and Rona and not found them yet. :(
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Vincent just submitted his resignation. It's real. Eeeeeek!

Anybody want to buy a condo in Kitchener? Please?


Oct. 10th, 2006 01:33 am
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It feels like it's been a million seconds since I last updated my blog, but in fact it's only been 288660. Phew.

  • Friday: Vincent's interview in Toronto was delayed but very positive, and we suspect a job offer and a high-speed condo-polishing and sale is imminent. Anybody know how to do floor tiles? Do you want to come do some? We'll buy you pizza and beer. If you hurry, schnitzel (see next item).

  • Also Friday: Oktoberfest! This year we went to Transylvania Club, which has more mature crowd and is a bit more traditional than last year's "go get drunk in an arena" approach. Far more entertaining. I won a stuffed owl, ate Oktoberfest sausage and all the schnitzel I could eat ("two"), and we watched hot male German teenagers perform a traditional Oktoberfest dance with each other and -- I swear I'm not making this up -- pick each other up and spank each other.

  • Saturday: Port Credit! This year's Thanksgiving feast was held at a friend's place in Mississauga, in the company of many friends (new and old). Yummy! I didn't find the two-year-old reading The New Testament quite as jolting by the end of the evening either.

  • Sunday: Home Hardware! We purchased some ██████ and some ██████, and then blatantly abused our friendship with Matt to get the painting done. Or mostly done. We ran out of tape, time, patience, and sunlight, so it's all first-coat done.

  • Monday: Home Hardware, Canadian Tire, Rona, Zehr's, Chapters, Starbucks! Twice! Damn holiday. Since we are out of painter's tape, and we even used up the neighbours' tape, we got very little painting done today. But we have high hopes for tomorrow.

P.S. [livejournal.com profile] leapfish says "Hi!"
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Updated: these are lies [these are explanations]

Big news: we're moving to Curacao! [eventually!]

My company recently merged with another one, and while we're the largest corporate training company in Canada we also have huge training responsibilities in the Carribean. Over the last year my boss has been handling all the sales, scheduling, booking and billing for all our training down there, but the new Board of Directors told her to get out of that area (she's the company's Vice President now). [unconfirmed, but I bet it's been suggested]

So anyway, she's decided we have enough business to open a branch office there, and they're sending me to run it! It's a huge change in responsibilities though -- no more managing the other instructors, and back to teaching Word level 1 and Excel level 1 pretty regularly, at least until we hire a few more people. But I think it's worth it, because we get to live here: [our instructors really do stay here]

(Breezes Resort, where they put up all the trainers that come down. It's all government-controlled, so they've got a sweet deal with the resort, and we'll live in the building at bottom left apparently.)

I was offered the job yesterday, so [livejournal.com profile] leapfish spent last night driving around in our weird rental car (two door orange Yaris) talking about it and trying to figure out if he can still do his Epi down there. In the end it came down to "is it better than Kitchener?" So here comes another adventure, I guess.

I better go call my parents. I wonder if they know where Curacao is? (I didn't!)

Also, just to head off the pronunciation frustration I know I will experience, it's pronounced "cure a sow". Yes, also the liquor.
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This blogging the purchase process is fun. Well, it's fun from the
perspective of me, stuck bored in an empty realtor's office building.
Most of you out there are probably more bored for the experience --
it's karma, I guess. It all balances out.

We saw the place again, still liked it, agreed to make an offer, took
a bunch of pictures so we can remember the shape of the place. We're
back at the realtor's, sitting. She's doing up the offer, but as I
have no idea what that actually entails, we're really tired and bored
and cranky and not interested in being here. Recipe for poor

The hotel apparently has free wireless, so expect further nonsense
from us later tonight as we digest our planned Chinese food order.


Jul. 30th, 2004 05:06 pm
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I forgot to mention that we're still at the realtor's office, waiting
for her to come back. This place is insane -- three floors,
WalMart-size, of nothing but real estate. Very comfy and inviting, but
still I'd rather be back at the hotel or at Canada's Wonderland or

They have computer kiosks set up for people to use their website to
surf properties for sale, and they're set up so that the Start button
and toolbars are missing, so (in theory) people can only stay inside
what looks like a custom program, and not get out into the real world.

I'll leave you to do the math on how successful their security provisions are.
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Well, we're here, and getting ready to make an offer! We saw three
apartment-style condos (i.e. highrise units), and really only 1.5 of
them were nice. We're hopefully going back in a few minutes to see the
best one again, and make an offer. Tentative plans have us closing
(and therefore *owning*) on August 26th. w00t!

Scary. Don't know if the owners are in town this long weekend, so
there might be a delay there. Plus, we don't even know if there's
another offer that we're competing against!! ARGH.

We both forgot to bring our cheque books. Hard to buy a house using
Interac, apparently.

Looks like we'll know our status on this within a day anyway, though
nothing 100% yet. Looks like Vinny's dream of Canada's Wonderland on
Sunday might actually happen!

Further bulletins as events warrant.


Jul. 28th, 2004 10:19 am
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If any of my faithful (or even dirty rotten cheating) readers are planning to get a mortgage some day (say, 2017), they should start gathering supporting documents right now. We're jumping through hoops every day to get this thing approved -- it's ridiculous. I had a false sense of ease about the process since you can get preapproved for your mortgage very easily over the web. But the real approval is much trickier. I'm hoping it's just because it's our first and we have no equity to work with yet. So far, we've had to provide:
- letters from employers stating that we have a job, when it starts, the salary, and the fact that it's not probationary
- proof that we have the downpayment
- evidence that the money we are showing for the downpayment is not made up (read: we wrote ourselves a blank cheque) in the form of transaction histories on several accounts
- evidence that we own all the above-mentioned accounts

Not actually hard to gather, really, just a lot of details to collect.
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We leave for Kitchener to find a home this Friday morning. Any suggestions? You can browse MLS.ca to find all sorts of places, though there's not really much in the way of details, so we need to still see a lot of places to ensure we get something good.

Vote for your favourite!*

- Queen St
- Paulander St
- Highland Cr
- Caprice Ct
- Strange St (no really, that's the street name)

* please note that your vote is not the deciding one.
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So we're flying to Toronto this evening, then driving to Kitchener-Waterloo. In Kitchener Vinny will be learning about a job, we will both be taking a city tour from a tour guide, and then another tour from a real estate agent. Then driving to my parents' place (2 hours away) and staying the night, then driving back and driving around Kitchener ourselves for a couple hours, then back to Toronto to fly home. ...and then we have to decide within a week.


- job stability for Vinny
- opportunity to buy a house/condo outside the Halifax peninsula's weird price structure
- opportunity to shake up my job by transferring and hopefully getting into other projects outside of teaching
- be closer to my parents
- get to be in a riding where our votes are more important :)

- leaving all our friends
- the normal stress of moving to a completely unfamiliar city, etc
- be further from Vinny's parents
- become less involved with Wayves Magazine (I think Vinny would put this in the Pro column)

To be honest, we've essentially decided to go for it if it's the only offer on the table; this is just for kicks, not as a decision-making mechanism.

It's exciting and scary and who knows what will happen. Good night, dear diary.

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