Jul. 2nd, 2008 10:18 pm
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I refuse to *judge* art. But I do not refuse to mock it, when it is oh-so-mockable.

End Times

Jun. 16th, 2008 09:39 pm
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I can't BELIEVE they did that. We're ten or so episodes from the end, and they burned through such huge events in just one episode? If this was season two it would have taken like four episodes. What the hell does RDM have in store?

God that show is good. I know some of you haven't been enjoying it this season, but I just love seeing a vision come to completion. Same with Matrix 2&3 -- they weren't my story, so while I can enjoy or not enjoy* I never felt like I had the right to feel betrayed, as some did.


Added: next episode doesn't air until 2009? WTF! I had read that but forgotten. Argh.

* for the record: enjoyed. especially the wackiest bits.
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CBC has cancelled jPod, the weird comedy-type object they built based on Douglas Coupland's incredibly odd novel. Thankfully, the show is based more on the first half of the book than the last (much more odd and hard to put on a tv show) half. Unthankfully, it's been canned!

First, a word from the actor who played Kam Fong: "I’m a pretty chilled out go with the flow kind of guy, but I recognize that there are times in my life when I’ve got to fight."
It is no huge hardship for me to go back to auditioning and booking and living my life as an actor. It is my passion. No. It angers me that the CBC our nation’s television station (yes I know among other things) chooses to cancel a show that is so cutting edge, fun, smart and CANADIAN. So many viewers have gleaned joy from watching jPod week after week.

Next, word that I can even blame the accursed Toronto Maple Leafs! While it sucks to have the show cancelled, I recognize that it happens. At least I can direct my rage at a familiar rage receptacle.

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