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Why is U2 so popular?

Imagine you’re a middle-aged, upper-middle class male.You live in a large metropolitan area. You have a good job. Your wife does Pilates.  Your oldest just started Kindergarten. Yes, you’re an adult but you’re still cool! Your jeans cost $125. Sometimes you wear sneakers with a blazer!


On the way, you listen to the “early stuff”. Joshua Tree pumps through the speakers of your Lexus SUV (no judgement - you have two kids!). The harmonies soothe. The lyrics are straightforward. You recall a simpler time before car seats and prostate exams. The nostalgia is so thick you have to wipe it from your face. You haven’t looked at your phone in nearly 11 minutes.


And the kicker: not one but TWO encores, the ones you know best – the ones you first heard that summer you painted houses or kissed Katie at the beach party. You’re closing your eyes now. This is sad and sweet. You put your arm around your wife. You’re wondering if Katie ever got married. A third of the crowd departs after the first encore.  It’s no big deal – some of us have work in the morning!  Anyway, the traffic will be better if everyone doesn't leave at once.


(Disclaimer: I looooove U2. I am totally the target of this, and I own it!)
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...in Toronto at present:-17 (-28 with wind chill)
...in Kona, where I was 365 days ago:26 (28 with humidity)
...in Paris, where I was 20 days ago:6 (feels like 4)
...in our bedroom by the door:19
...by the window (where our heads are):11.5


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Prayer is needed for the global economy, apparently.

Prayer that will take place on Wall Street in New York City.

Prayer to a golden bull statue. I'm not kidding. Some of you who escaped the religious upbringing might not spot this right away, but all us Sunday-school kids recognize this scene.

This is the sort of thing that always ends badly in the bible.
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1. The displayed usericon.

2. Q. What's the capital of Iceland?

    A. $3.50
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There's gonna be an election in Canada, starting in about a week. There's plenty of reasons not to, evidence either way, blah blah blah, but here's the rub: the Prime Minister just ordered the Governor-General to stay home instead of traveling to Beijing next week.

I was planning on working in the byelection and making some money, and now I'll lose that chance and have to work the main election instead. I hope the date is good so I can still be a Deputy Returning Officer!

Expect my politics tags to get a bit busier soon.


Jul. 2nd, 2008 10:18 pm
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I refuse to *judge* art. But I do not refuse to mock it, when it is oh-so-mockable.
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What was I thinking deciding to build a poll this big?
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I even followed the link and it still doesn't make sense. :)


Jun. 6th, 2008 06:36 pm
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Since January 1st, I've flown 62,237 km (38,672 miles). Of those, 35,249 km were "status" miles with Air Canada. 35,000 being the magic number to reach Air Canada's Aeroplan "Elite" status. Woo!

So now I'm sitting in the Maple Leaf Lounge at Edmonton's airport, and it is just comically extravagant. This is not the sort of thing that makes me think airlines are in it for the long haul, but it is certainly enjoyable.

- free newspapers and magazines (not just to read, to take with you)
- free salad, soups, snacks
- free pop, water, juice, cappuccinos
- free alcohol (beer, wine, spirits)
- Added: pre-rimmed Bloody Caesar glasses
- free internet and TV
- comfy chairs
- announcements about the flights relevant to people in the lounge, such as "don't bother getting up, they still have to deplane, we'll warn you when it's time"

They welcomed me at the front desk and happily explained how it all works when I said that I just got Elite for the first time, and were all "congratulations!" and so forth. They also gave me a piece of paper that proves I'm Elite until my new Aeroplan card arrives.

God, it's so bourgeois. I feel a little like I should go volunteer at a homeless shelter as penance.

Here's a fun set of stats from FlightMemory: (for all flights in 2008 plus any flights I could remember for 1999 onward... does not include regular domestic flight until 2007)

Update: Edmonton has been hit by a large thunderstorm, and the airport is "experiencing a red alert situation" so no flights are going in or out due to the weather. Guess it's a good thing I'm here in the lounge then.


Jan. 1st, 2008 02:06 am
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Apparently, if I let Tyler make the drinks, I end up way drunker before new years and have a have hard time remaining conscious and upright in 2008. It's fun, but I feel a bit guilty too.

i hope I behave and yet still do justice to both 2007 and 2008.

I hope you're all having fun. I'm too inebriated to help, really.


Boxes Day

Dec. 26th, 2007 07:49 pm
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I remember when I used to type crap into this journal all the time. I also remember when all my friends didn't regularly post the exact same phrase in their journals. *dramatic sigh, etc*

  • Still healthy. I went to the internal medicine specialist clinic a couple weeks ago and they poked and prodded, and then decided on more blood work and a CT scan. In fact they misdiagnosed something** it seems, at least according to my regular doctor. I hope they find something to explain the weirdness, and I also hope it's incredibly minor. "Eat more broccoli," they'll say. "No," I'll reply. They asked me to track my temperature each day over the holidays too, so I bought a digital thermometer to do so. I'm very consistently between 35.3 and 36.7 degrees. (I check before and after sleeping, so my body is kinda shut down at the time.
  • Still working for the back-medication-sounding company**. Moving out of recruitment and desk work a bit in 2008, back to teaching more. Somewhere between 50% and 75% seems to be the thought of my boss, but somewhere between 40% and 60% is my plan. Lot of benefits, including better compensation (to be determined) and plans to work with the IT team on internal programming and testing projects. Could lead to some fun stuff and a completely different area. Biggest benefit: getting to play with exciting new technology*** again. Should all happen in February or so. This company has a habit of dragging things out****, so who knows.
  • Christmas has been fun. My parents are taking [profile] 1_2_ready_go  and me to Hawai'i January 9th, so we planned to skip their house for the holidays and just do New Brunswick. We flew to Saint John on Sunday, and flew back this morning. Quick trip! Nice to get down there though, as I haven't seen Vin's family in a couple years. My mom is a little insistent about us visiting though, I think because of my health, so we're going to head up there on Saturday for the night. Another quick trip, but at least the travel time is shorter.
  • Bizarreness Bulletin: We will be in Hawai'i January 9-18*****. I recently learned that my boss, our Toronto Branch Manager, and some local friends will be there at that time too. A little creepy. 
* just a rash
** according to Sarah
*** also Vista, unfortunately
**** research our press releases for a depressolarious laugh
***** Kona for six nights (staying here) and Honolulu for two nights (staying here). Just for the shopping in American dollars. I know!
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I know that some of you are running Windows Vista, and I know that it causes no end of problems for many. I heard a rumour though that there's a newer version of Windows coming that fixes all these problems! They're calling it Windows "XP" -- not sure what that stands for.

Check out this detailed review: http://dotnet.org.za/codingsanity/archive/2007/12/14/review-windows-xp.aspx
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We're home from Wasaga Beach - woo! Great fun, lots of sun and playing in the lake. We were gone from Saturday morning until Monday afternoon, and the cats were fed by a friend on Saturday evening.

Unfortunately, said friend accidentally closed the door to the basement before he left.

The cat litter is in the basement.

The cats were not impressed.

They tried really hard, but couldn't keep it all in for 48 hours. So Action Cat's favourite giant floor pillow became a litter box, and the bathroom mat became a litter box.

Said friend also left the door to our bedroom open.

So the wonderful duvet on our bed also became a litter box.


Cats really don't like that -- they weren't punishing us, they were trying to hide it but had few options to choose from. The shit in the bed was actually "buried", in a sense, in the covers. And the cats were quite quiet when we got home.

I'm removing that goddamned door.
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Pretty sad, actually.
A man who couldn't find steady work came up with a plan to make it through the next few years until he could collect Social Security: He robbed a bank, then handed the money to a guard and waited for police.

On Wednesday, Timothy J. Bowers told a judge a three-year prison sentence would suit him, and the judge obliged.

"At my age, the jobs available to me are minimum-wage jobs. There is age discrimination out there," Bowers, who turns 63 in a few weeks, told Judge Angela White.

The judge told him: "It's unfortunate you feel this is the only way to deal with the situation." [...]

"It's a pretty sad story when someone feels that's their only alternative," said defense attorney Jeremy W. Dodgion, who described Bowers as "a charming old man."

Prosecutors had considered arguing against putting Bowers in prison at taxpayer expense, but they worried he would do something more reckless to be put behind bars.

"It's not the financial plan I would choose, but it's a financial plan," prosecutor Dan Cable said.
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I have never before today felt positive emotions toward any FoxNews host. Wow. Unfreakinbelievable. Not entirely work safe, unless you can close your office door.

FoxNews vs. the "God Hates Fags" gang

FoxNews host: [this channel] "is full of insane people like you!"
Crazy old bat: "bimbo!"


Edit: thanks [profile] juandaveed!
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Museum visitor trips, breaks Chinese vases

CAMBRIDGE, England (AP) -- A museum visitor shattered three Qing dynasty Chinese vases when he tripped on his shoelace, stumbled down a stairway and brought the vases crashing to the floor, officials said Monday.

The three vases, dating from the late 17th or early 18th century, had been donated to The Fitzwilliam Museum in the university city of Cambridge in 1948, and were among its best-known artifacts. They had been sitting proudly on the window sill beside the staircase for 40 years.

"It was a most unfortunate and regrettable accident, but we are glad that the visitor involved was able to leave the museum unharmed," said Duncan Robinson, the Fitzwilliam's director.

The museum declined to identify the man who had tripped on a loose shoelace Wednesday.

Asked about the porcelain vases, Margaret Greeves, the museum's assistant director, said: "They are in very, very small pieces, but we are determined to put them back together."

The museum declined to say what the vases were worth.

Copyright 2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.*
* Yes, I read that. I am displaying it here in absolutely complete and unedited form, and providing a link. I claim fair use, and dare Time Warner to come get me.**

** Yes, I may see the day where I regret that last statement.

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