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Note: this is just being posted for me in case I need it and for those poor long-suffering google searchers who can't find this solution easily as it's pretty well-hidden!

The problem: make an event in Outlook (single event or recurring), and invite people to it. Later, your synchronization app like Google Calendar Sync syncs everything up like it always does. However, the next time you want to modify that meeting (like add another person, or cancel it) you can't, because Outlook no longer believes you're the owner!

Note: THE FIXES BELOW ARE NOT MY CODE. DON'T ASK ME HOW TO CHANGE IT PLEASE. I don't know VBA. This is just to help you get a head start if you need it, and for my own reference.

The fix! )

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First, House of Commons Procedure and Practice Online, a handy guide to just about everything House of Commons. Added: How Canadians Govern Themselves, 6th Edition, by Senator Eugene Forsey. (also, PDF version)

Second, help! I can't figure out if parliament can be prorogued before opposition days ("supply" days) happen! I'm sure the Governor General's aides do know and would enforce any requirements, but I just want to find the actual standing orders / legislation that covers this.

Third, a great big WTF to our House of Commons. The political geek in me is totally squeeing and having great fun. But I know in m heart this is actually a pretty messy situation that ought to have been dealt with better.

Primarily, the Conservatives / Stephen Harper should not have presented such ideologically-driven ideas in the fiscal update, and should have been more open about the existing stimuli that are in progress and why he thinks they're good.

The Liberal/NDP coalition is interesting, may do good things, may screw things up, who knows. But the optics are terrible and I really think it will damage the Liberals in the next election (unless there's a huge event or change that changes the subject of said election). Most Canadians don't really get the Parliamentary system, and all they see (goaded on by the pretty-much-lying Conservatives) is the losers of the last election somehow cheating the system. It's all legal, but not common, and I think people don't really like the consequences of minority government now that they're here.

I am amused to discover that, in our typical Canadian way, we've found a version of Proportional Representation without actually changing any laws. Same way we've dealt with abortion since the 80s actually. 'Maybe if we just ignore the issue, everything will be fine.' Ha!

Now back to pretending to work while actually surfing Canadian news sites and blogs obsessively.
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[livejournal.com profile] 1_2_ready_go and I just booked an impulse trip to Paris for Christmas. For those of you who have been, what is on the non-negotiable list? Also, where in god's name can we stay without having to take out a second mortgage?
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OK seriously people, somebody needs to fix the internet.

Outlook: must contain work events, also contains reminders as to what I or we are up to in evenings and on weekends.

SkillsWeb*: must contain teaching events and "not available to teach today" indicators.

Google Calendar: must contain my travel-to-teach events, so that everyone can see where I am and when.

I can make SkillsWeb write to Outlook. I can make Google write to Outlook. But I can't make Outlook write to anything else without spending money on synch tools. I dislike this option because I'm cheap.


* ASP instructor resource system we use at work. I wrote the front end, another guy wrote the back end. Now maintained by a third guy, while I just write demands for it. It's aging somewhat gracefully, thank god.
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I have a serious problem that I need the internet to fix for me!

In the movie Go, there is a cat at the drug dealer's place which interacts with one of the characters. Up until tonight, we were convinced that this cat was listed in the credits, and we gave Lucky (pictured) his name based on it: Princess Leah Lucky Buttons. (Lucky's full name is Prince Leo Lucky Buttons)

However, it turns out that the cat in the credits is the other cat, the one that's in the alley with Manni the next day.  And the cat with the speaking role is uncredited!  That's gotta be against equity rules.

I have searched the internet for almost eight minutes and it hasn't resolved this problem. Can you?
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I have a problem. I need some way to manage my time and life that supports these events:
  • Cam's work events
  • Cam's personal events
  • Cam & Vin's common events
...and supports these entry methods:
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007
  • Something else that Vinny and I can edit
...and supports these viewing options:
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007
  • Something else that Vinny and I can see

Ideally, this should sync with Vin's RAZR too. But I think we have to buy a cable for that, so let's call that Phase II.

Does anyone have a solution in operation that does this sort of thing?
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  • I was in a movie that was filmed in Halifax, The Event, which was directed by Thom Fitzgerald of The Hanging Garden fame, and starred Don McKellar and Brent Carver. Woo! Anyway, I was just an extra, but I never saw the movie until last night. I bought a screener that was illegally on sale at the used bookstore down the street, and I actually made it into the movie! Well, the back of my head, due to the arrangement of the scene. Problem is I can't figure out how to get a proper screenshot yet, so I can't point myself out.
  • I'm pleased to tell you that Operation Feline Collar Force was a success after phase 2. Phase 2 involves collars that can't be unbuckled by non-opposable-thumbed species. So now our cats are a little safer when they run out into the neighbourhood against our wishes.
  • My company's new website has finally been launched. There was some difficulty with the firm hired to do it originally, leading to this insane "nine months after the company name change" launch timeframe. It's still buggy, so we're doing heavy beta testing internally while "soft-launching" to customers.
  • I'm really not ready for a Monday yet.
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* where "fun" is defined as "helpful to us" and "game" is defined as "work-like activity for which you are not being paid".

  1. Control-Click here. (this will get you a new tab if you're using IE7 or Firefox)

  2. Either click a neighbourhood or use the checkboxes to pick beighbourhoods (we will both be working at the intersection of C1/C2/C8/C9)

  3. Find us something awesome matching these needs:
    • Two bedrooms, or 1+den
    • Not drug-eriffic or hooker-tastic
    • Under $300,000
    • Along the subway (check out awesomeness here)
    • Over 800 square feet (the cats need room to play!)
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Calling all CSS-aware people!

(this will make more sense if you read it in my journal)

I switched to one of the new layouts (Expressive) they brought over from the Vox project, and it's nifty. However, I find it far too busy, and different posts blur together a bit. To combat this, I added the black background begind the titles. Not sure about that yet, but it helps.

What I need help with is the user icons. I hate having text wrap below the icon the way it's doing right now. The first few lines are beside my picture, then the next ones are below. My design sense* hates it. I tried adding this CSS to my code, but it won't work. Suggestions?

img.user-icon   // I also tried just ".user-icon"
    align: right;

Update: Got it! I'm a bit thick.
 float: right;
* such as it is.
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Does anybody know anything about getting ringtones onto a Nokia phone? Teh intarweb is useless, in that charming TMI kind of way.

I have the phone, the cable, the software, and a bunch of MIDIs and MP3s, but the phone appears to reject all comers. Grrr.

I just don't want to listen to the crappy built-in tones. Ever.


Jan. 5th, 2006 09:14 pm
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Cam wants to make his journal available to longtime friends and parents who are perhaps unaware of some of the seedier aspects of his life, or perhaps don't need to read descriptions of certain acts and/or body parts. He wants to friends-only any such posts. He doesn't want to actually reread his entire journal to ensure he got them all. He decides to have a contest wherein his LJ friends do the work for him. As a reward for any found entries, he promises to take and post a picture of anything they want, with the caveat of nothing visible that network television would refuse to show.


Is this lazy ([livejournal.com profile] leapfish's opinion) or ingenious ([livejournal.com profile] c9's opinion) ?

I will update this post with the results of your vote, possibly activating this contest dealie.

So far there appears to be one vote for ingenious. Or at least, one person willing to participate. Update: You can ignore 1998-2003.
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WANTED: Calendar solution meeting these requirements:
  • really easy
  • really fast to edit and view
  • web-accessible
  • is really pretty
  • can be shared for [livejournal.com profile] leapfish to view whenever he wants
REWARD: a big thank-you hug

CAVEAT: Not Yahoo, I looked and hated it.

CONCLUSION: Basically I want http://calendar.google.com to start working NOW, not RSN.

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When [livejournal.com profile] leapfish turns on the exhaust fan above the stove, the display on the 17" monitor in the next room starts to shake. They are 3 feet apart, through the wall. Probably on the same circuit, but I'm not sure.

Why is this happening?


Aug. 19th, 2005 08:37 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] leapfish and I currently have DSL, basic cable, a home phone, and a cell phone. The cell contract is ending, so we're looking at our options for simplifying / cheapening our lives. Let me just say this: there is nothing to depress you more than trying to navigate the Bell, Rogers, Telus, and Fido websites. You will fear for the future of humanity. Also, you'll be angry at them in a vague way.

Here are my notes, if you're curious: Read more... )

Any suggestions for us? I want it simple and cheap, and ideally with a cell phone for each of us instead of a home phone. Low minutes are fine. Nuisance is not.

Basically, I'm venting. I'm not expecting that you'll be able to decipher my (probably incorrect) notes and find the (possible) gem(s). But Canadiansresidents of Canada (sorry [livejournal.com profile] jdhorner and [livejournal.com profile] senhor) with good setups are encouraged to tell me their secret. :-)

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