Jun. 22nd, 2013

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Groups of animals have various names - we all know herds and packs, but there are other fun ones too. A murder of crows, a colony of beavers, an intrigue of kittens, a cloud of grasshoppers. (more)

The other day, Astrid mentioned a goal that triggered something in my head.


And then we were off. First, a few obvious ones, with what may have been too layered an attempt for @gordperks. Click and drag to see my explanations in case you don't know what the hell I'm on about. That's right I said H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS.

  • An expensing of Perks (as in "perqs" or "perquisites" are work things that you might expense, they might be expensive, plus Gord Perks is on the side of government spending to achieve rational goals)

  • A showcase of Vaughans (as in his past on TV, and/or loving the limelight)

  • A pipe of Fords (as in you can figure this one out)

  • A ledger of Carrolls (she was budget chief under Miller, and has a very strong grasp of the numbers)

  • A contradiction of Nunziatas (she calls for decorum as Speaker but then hypocritically reacts in biased ways)

  • A fence of Matlows (popularly called a fence-sitter, but in fact he does always end up deciding and voting)

  • A reversing of Parkers (reversed the Jarvis bike lane installation sneakily without consulting with KWT, said another bike item had merit recently and then immediately voted against it, etc)

  • A rage of Mammolitis (he's not on the cool end of the behaviour spectrum)

  • A cycle of Mihevcs (cyclist - this is where we start to get weaker)

  • A silence of Grimes (I think he's the one who never talks)

  • A routing of Stintzes (just a poor TTC Chair pun)

  • A sail of de Baeremaekers (flaps in the wind as public opinion changes? maybe? this was a stretch and needs improvement)

  • An apoplexy of Minnan-Wongs (the original one from Astrid)



  • @MonicaRooney: a conspiracy of Mammolitis

  • @sharkdancing: The embarrassment of Fords

  • @dd_toronto: A klaxon of Nunziatas

  • @dmrider: A bellow of Perruzzas

  • @accozzaglia: A filibuster of Perruzzas

  • @SylvanWalks: A bluster of Perruzzas

  • @christ: A bucket of Grimes

I started to meander as well. Not just #TOcouncil.

  • A fit of Dougs (since Doug Ford has a low-level fit when challenged on literally anything)

  • A deep sigh of Byfords (I can only imagine this is his most-frequent reaction to this city)

  • A repetition of Toronto Council clerks (I was remembering the repetitive calls for votes in the chamber)

  • A stroll of Micallefs (Shawn Micallef wrote a book called Stroll)

  • A patience of BradTTCs (since any TTC job requires intense patience, especially the "explaining things to the public" role)

  • A bridging of Millers (because he cancelled the bridge to YTZ, didn't build bridges much with his political enemies, but he did build bridges with other governments and organizations)

  • A token of Robinsons - oh, that’s out of date now (formerly 1/13th of the Executive Committee)

  • A hedging of Holydays (as deputy mayor, stuck trying to reconcile reality and the Mayor)

  • A banning of Filions (source of our short-lived and surprising plastic bag ban)

Next, I was asked how I would name a group of Astrids, and that led to me to think about specific #TOpoli people. Astrid didn't agree with my first draft ("a disruption of Astrids"), and upon reflection I found a better one.

  • A study of Astrids (always educational and from whom I learned intersectional)

  • A correction of Nevilles (who won't put up with your shitty marginalization or unawareness of privilege)

  • A snark of Heathers (of course for LadySnarksALot)

  • A beard of Brads (Brad has a beard, and tweeted something about it the other day. I was getting tired.)

  • A hat of Darens (CitySlikr wore a hat last time I saw him)

  • A cigar of Paikins (Oh Rosedale Club. sigh)

  • A pun of Proskows (Jackson has been known to pun his way through the day)

My second wind found (Astrid: "A recovery of Camerons!"), I thought up a few more.

  • A transit of Munros (SteveMunro.ca is the definitive data source for Toronto transit issues)

  • A soundbite of Milczyns (I feel like he's in front of the cameras instead of in the meetings maybe a bit often)

  • A peeping of Dales (sorry Daniel - I know you were not peeping in the mayor's backyard)

  • A hinting of Goldsbies (Jon loves his blind items)

From others:

  • @jm_mcgrath: A flight of McGraths?

  • @accozzaglia: An analysis of McGraths

  • @christ: A graph of Elliotts

Then a new one came to mind that I knew was the end of my road.



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